Want To Grow Cannabis Indoors? Know How To Set Up a Grow Box

grow box

Are you one of those who loves to grow cannabis than buying them? Then this content is going to help you with the required information. Well, also being popular as marijuana, growing cannabis is fairly easy- all you need is just starting out.

So, what do you need?

Well, the fundamental aim is to optimise the photosynthesis of the plants. For that, you need to create the perfect environment that can offer plants the necessary resources. To have a grow box, there are a few things you have to consider- grow lamp, a fan and a clock (for your assistance). Based on your situation, you may use a filter to discard the smell. Well, don’t forget include thermometer and hygrometer. So, what does a grow box need for growing weeds? Here is the answer.

  • Automatic pH level control: Monitor your unit constantly to measure the pH level. For example, your system’s pH level will start dropping below the standard requirement, which doesn’t satisfy the optimal growing condition of the plants. A grow box has the facility to recognise this and doses up and down the pH level.

There will be no dirt while growing cannabis. A hydroponic grow box without soil uses deep water culture systems for the plants to grow. The roots simply sit in the water reservoir that keep using the necessary nutrients with a balanced pH level.

  • Automated supply of the nutrients: Similar to the pH sensor, the system also checks up the nutrient levels. The automatic grow box is programmed to know how much each strain needs and when to feed your weeds.

  • Automated lighting:Automated lighting game is up with grow box setup, which is essential for lighting. With a grow lamp, you can set control over the “day and night”, which is important for plants that needs hours of light and darkness. Planting needs 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness in the vegetable stage and the flowering stage needs 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.

Well, it’s best to have a reflective wall, preferably white. Very dark coloured walls absorb light which eventually affects the yielding quality. Either you can paint the grow box white, or you can use white foil for optimal reflection.

Lastly, having your very own grow box face many challenges, but come with unique experience and perfect learning opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.


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