Nurturing your Hydroponics- Keep an eye on Nutrients for Healthy Growth


The introduction of the hydroponic system has been a boon for all those millions of gardeners and plantsmen who took a keen interest in growing plants like vegetable, fruits and flowers. Well, the term ‘urbanisation’ has left no space for the different plants to grow in the open area. The efforts of the scientists have made it easy for them to grow the plants in a confined environment under controlled conditions. Guess what- healthier plants than you would ever expect!

What stands out critical is the proper feeding of the plants. Soilless does not mean that the plant is never going to get nutrient for its growth. In fact, in this condition, the need for essential nutrient and elements becomes very important. Therefore, the carer makes sure that in the hydroponics system, plants get the vital nutrients in the optimum amount for the effective growth. The following are some of the essential elements that are supplied to the plants to help out in their growth—

  1. NITROGEN, never give this a Miss

Well, with 78% in the atmosphere, nitrogen plays a crucial role in the growth and maintenance of not only the simple plants but also the hydroponic plants as well. Nitrogen is an essential element that is required during the vegetative feeding. Therefore, for the plants to yield flower, fruit or vegetable; it is vital to feed the plant with a high dose of nitrogen during this period.

Being on the elemental side, it is one of the essential macronutrients that boost the growth of the plant.

  1. Make Arrangement for PHOSPHOROUS and POTASSIUM

If you are fond of beautiful and colourful flowers, then the hydroponic system is never going to disappoint you. What is necessary is not to miss out the phosphorous and potassium from the nutrient cycle of the hydroponic plants. The adequate quantity and the proper nutrient cycle is always going to ensure a healthy plant yielding out popping flowers with varied colours.


The availability of the on-time nutrient also alters the size and yield of the flower.

  1. Altering the Photoperiod

There is a huge role of the photoperiod in the rapid growth and development of the hydroponic plants. Choosing the right stage out of the three determines the effective growth. In the grow box what becomes vital is the selection of the right kind of lights. The process of making the light available to the artificial system solely depends on the nutrient cycle. The light needs to be altered accordingly. From twelve hours a day to twenty-four hours lighting, it all depends on the necessity.

  1. Flushing the Plants Properly

The nutrients given to the plants during the stages of development can be good for the overall growth of the plants but can alter the taste and smell. Therefore, it is necessary to ascertain that the plants (vegetable and fruits) hold the same taste and smell, it is important to flush the plant in the reservoir of pH balanced water before harvesting it actually.


It is true that nutrients play a crucial role in the growth and development of the hydroponic plant. However, other environmental factors need to be taken care in precise to reap the benefit of the grow tent or box.

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