The Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

As it a universally known fact that plants and trees have a great contribution to the environment where it takes in carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen that is the air that most living beings survive on. With the rise in population and the dearth in living space, there has been a scarcity of open spaces where one can plant trees and vegetation. As there is a solution to each and every problem, there is also a solution to having plants around people. People can purchase potted plants or cheap grow box that may allow them to grow plants of their choice.

One can always have indoor plants around them that serve the same purpose. They can either be potted plants, or LED grow box that provide similar benefits as well as serve as a source of beautification. There are varied plants that thrive indoors and have health benefits as well. A few that are commonly kept indoors are –

•    Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is an easy to grow plant that doesn’t require much attention where a simple placement near sunlight can allow it to thrive well. It seldom requires water and is known to absorb formaldehyde and benzene from the air that may be emitted with chemical cleaners and paints. Apart from that, the gel inside an aloe stem is known to have healing properties where it heals cuts, burns and cools the body.

grow cabinets for sale•    Spider Plant – With its leaves crawling out of the pot, it gets such a name having relevance to spiders. This plant too can purify the air where it absorbs carbon monoxide and xylene that is found in products made of rubber and leather.

•    Gerber Daisy – this is a flowering plant with brightly colored flowers. The plant is known to remove trichloroethylene that is found in clothes that are dry-cleaned. Having a pot placed in the bedroom or the laundry room can help remove such harmful chemical from the air. Right watering and sunlight can let it live long.

•    Snake plant – With long and erect leaves, this plant can survive in any environment whether it is hot, cold, humid or any other circumstances. It is known to filter formaldehyde that may be present in garages, personal care products, tissues, etc.  It too doesn’t require much attention and would survive long without water.

•    English Ivy – Experts usually advise people to keep this plant in toilets and washrooms as it is known to kills airborne fecal matter particles. It is also known to remove the presence of formaldehyde present in household cleaning products especially the ones that are used to clean washrooms.

These plants can either be planted in potted plants or in grow boxes that can be placed in designated areas in a house. People can look out for grow cabinets for sale or can purchase pots to place the plants. The necessary use of soil or water can aid in the proper growth of the plant that can thrive in the environment found indoors.

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