How to Add Ventilation to the Grow Room?

These days, people are prone to choose the grow boxes than other options of farming. The grow boxes are mainly used for different types of reasons like the desire to grow vegetables indoor or grow herbs, vegetables or flowers during the cold water months or lack of the outdoor space. Besides, these are also helpful in protecting the plants against diseases or pests. The grow boxes can be of different types, but the hydroponic or the soil based ones are the most popular ones.

The most sophisticated examples of the grow boxes are the totally enclosed ones with exhaust and an intake fan system for proper ventilation, a hydroponic system, which waters the plants with the nutrient rich solutions, an odor control filter and an inbuilt grow light. A few advanced grow boxes even come with the air conditioning to keep the CO2 as well as the running temperature down to boost the growth rate of the plants.

But while using the LED grow box for planting, it is necessary to observe a few things, which are pretty simple but often overlooked. One of those important things is the ventilation of the grow box.

LED grow box It is not possible to ventilate the cabinet just through the exhaust vent and only by forcing in the air. As the main object of maintaining a grow box is to remove as much warm air as you can by replacing the air with cool air, the most effective way out will be to place the exhaust closer to the top of the place and the intake closer to the bottom of the place.

The fan needs to be placed in the exhaust and the intake must be a simple hole or a light trap in case the light getting out is a concern. This kind of system is known as the Active Exhaust, Passive Intake System. The idea of mounting a fan on the exhaust and sucking out the air of the room can accomplish a number of things.

grow cabinet

As the exhaust of the grow cabinet is at the top area, therefore the fan would suck out the hottest air of the area first while lowering the pressure of the air inside that area. But any leaky seams or accidental pinholes will just draw in the air.

On the other hand, the passive intake should be a little larger than the exhaust. The main thing is that the volume of air that would be blown out, would be replaced through the air intake. So, using a bigger intake hole would allow the incoming air to be at the lower velocity that would minimize mixing up on the air in the cabinet. Besides, this thing will also allow to operate the fan in a more effective manner.

Another important consideration is to make the ventilation system quieter. Some amount of the fan noise from the vibration can be prevailed over by mounting the fan in a non-rigid way. Besides, self-adhesive foam rubber window insulation technique can be used too.

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