Grow boxes: A rather more affordable and low maintenance option for growing plants

Plants are aesthetically beautiful to look at; there is no question about that. But in these days of soaring real estate cost and lack of space, where is the space to grow your desired plants? It seems impractical to spend a fortune on a garden when there are several options to grow plants at relatively affordable cost. One of the main options which has emerged prominently over the years is the hydroponic grow box.

Hydroponic Grow Box

Unlike a few years ago, when the indoor plantation was mostly avoided due to its cost and inconvenience, these days the tables have turned. Since starting Unique Hydroponics, we have supplied several of these products to the common public. The uniqueness of these ultramodern products have helped them made a mark for themselves and people today are considering it a logical choice to grow plants indoors rather than resorting to an outdoor plantation. Hydroponics is a type of planting done primarily inside a controlled environment using a lighting framework, a atmosphere, a nourishing framework and of course the seeds of the plants you desire to grow. All the facts are combined to produce what is called a Hydroponic grow box. Our grow boxes are extremely easy to use are designed specifically for hassle free growth of plants. A grow box can basically be moved to an alternate room or space in your home or even to an alternate area effortlessly. It comes totally amassed and prepared to utilize. It can be opened up and cleaned in minutes. Our boxes come with:-

  • Three Growing lights and three flowering grow light.
  • Six months growing nutrients and then Flowering Nutrients.
  • Hydroponic systems included with pump, the babbler, tubing.

Some of the major reasons why the popularity of these products has shot up recently are:-

  • Eco friendly: We all know that plants emit oxygen and intake carbon dioxide which leads to a very fresh environment within your house.
  • Easy to handle: They can easily be moved from one place to another without any difficulty which is extremely difficult in case of outdoor gardening.
  • Extremely affordable: Installing one of these products will hardly cost you a fortune. It’s extremely affordable to grow your desired plants as compared to any traditional plantation methods.
  • Easy maintenance: You just need to place the seeds of the plants you wish to grow inside these boxes and all the other factors will be taken care of automatically.

Unique Hydroponics is are one of the biggest suppliers of these innovative products and this is down to several factors. Apart from our excellent product quality, we maintain a very reasonable product pricing. Compare our prices with others and you will easily notice the difference. We offer hydroponic grow boxes at extremely affordable prices so as to encourage more and more people to have faith in indoor plantation and use our products.

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