Nurturing your Hydroponics- Keep an eye on Nutrients for Healthy Growth


The introduction of the hydroponic system has been a boon for all those millions of gardeners and plantsmen who took a keen interest in growing plants like vegetable, fruits and flowers. Well, the term ‘urbanisation’ has left no space for the different plants to grow in the open area. The efforts of the scientists have made it easy for them to grow the plants in a confined environment under controlled conditions. Guess what- healthier plants than you would ever expect!

What stands out critical is the proper feeding of the plants. Soilless does not mean that the plant is never going to get nutrient for its growth. In fact, in this condition, the need for essential nutrient and elements becomes very important. Therefore, the carer makes sure that in the hydroponics system, plants get the vital nutrients in the optimum amount for the effective growth. The following are some of the essential elements that are supplied to the plants to help out in their growth—

  1. NITROGEN, never give this a Miss

Well, with 78% in the atmosphere, nitrogen plays a crucial role in the growth and maintenance of not only the simple plants but also the hydroponic plants as well. Nitrogen is an essential element that is required during the vegetative feeding. Therefore, for the plants to yield flower, fruit or vegetable; it is vital to feed the plant with a high dose of nitrogen during this period.

Being on the elemental side, it is one of the essential macronutrients that boost the growth of the plant.

  1. Make Arrangement for PHOSPHOROUS and POTASSIUM

If you are fond of beautiful and colourful flowers, then the hydroponic system is never going to disappoint you. What is necessary is not to miss out the phosphorous and potassium from the nutrient cycle of the hydroponic plants. The adequate quantity and the proper nutrient cycle is always going to ensure a healthy plant yielding out popping flowers with varied colours.


The availability of the on-time nutrient also alters the size and yield of the flower.

  1. Altering the Photoperiod

There is a huge role of the photoperiod in the rapid growth and development of the hydroponic plants. Choosing the right stage out of the three determines the effective growth. In the grow box what becomes vital is the selection of the right kind of lights. The process of making the light available to the artificial system solely depends on the nutrient cycle. The light needs to be altered accordingly. From twelve hours a day to twenty-four hours lighting, it all depends on the necessity.

  1. Flushing the Plants Properly

The nutrients given to the plants during the stages of development can be good for the overall growth of the plants but can alter the taste and smell. Therefore, it is necessary to ascertain that the plants (vegetable and fruits) hold the same taste and smell, it is important to flush the plant in the reservoir of pH balanced water before harvesting it actually.


It is true that nutrients play a crucial role in the growth and development of the hydroponic plant. However, other environmental factors need to be taken care in precise to reap the benefit of the grow tent or box.


5 Reasons Why Hydroponic Grow Tent Is The Best Thing To Own

Hydroponic Grow Tent

The gardeners and the ones who love to own garden at their place are relying on the hydroponic gardening methodology. The process has been most famous during the last few decades because of the unavailability of enough places to grow plants. A hydroponic system stresses on creating healthier plants in the available space.

Experts believe that going for the hydroponic system is a fantastic way to start growing vegetation. The use of the hydroponic tent is much popular one. It is a type of a miniature greenhouse that houses the small plants as well as seedlings.

The hydroponic tent has been popular in the market. Sensing the need and the demand of the hydroponic system, the companies that are into the manufacturing of the hydroponic tents have brought flexibility in their products. The hydroponic systems for sale are the much-grabbed opportunity for the plantsmen. The tents can be small to extremely large. The construction of the tents is such that it provides the perfect environment for the plants to grow.

There are several reasons for which the hydroponic system has been preferred and has widely been popular. Some of the key points of the popularity of the hydroponic system are as follows-

Safety and Environment-Friendly
The very first reason for the popularity of the grow tent is the security and a friendly environment provided to the small plants as well as the seedlings. During the very initial stage of the development of the seedlings, they need proper care and the right kind of environment for their growth. At this stage, the plants are more vulnerable to the damage caused by nature and the pests. The tents act as the protection to the seeds as well as the plants.

Apart from this, the tents also protect the plants from direct sunlight which can sometimes be dreadful for the plants.

Retaining the Proper Moisture Content
The hydroponic system helps in maintaining the proper moisture content of the soil. The optimum amount of moisture content in the soil supports the appropriate growth of the plant from the seedling. The use of the system can make a difference in the growth rate of the plants.

Ensuring Longevity of the Plants
The hydroponic grow tent provides a secure environment for the plants. For the plants that are ailing, keeping them in the hydroponic system helps them to be nursed. However, experts say that the plants must not be held in the tent for an extended period.

Protection from Animals and Pests
The tents are the secured place where the plants can grow without any grow without any external invasion. Open space is always prone to animals eating away the plants or the seedlings at the foliage. With the tents on, the possibility of damage is reduced.

Helps in Growing Variety of Crops
The hydroponic system supports an environment that helps in the growth of the plants. Thus, a wide door is opened for the growing of a variety of crops or plants.

A hydroponic system is an artificial method of ensuring that the plants get the best environment to grow. If you want to enhance the growth of the plant, trust on the hydroponic system that is always going to boost the growth of the plant in a healthier way.

The Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

As it a universally known fact that plants and trees have a great contribution to the environment where it takes in carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen that is the air that most living beings survive on. With the rise in population and the dearth in living space, there has been a scarcity of open spaces where one can plant trees and vegetation. As there is a solution to each and every problem, there is also a solution to having plants around people. People can purchase potted plants or cheap grow box that may allow them to grow plants of their choice.

One can always have indoor plants around them that serve the same purpose. They can either be potted plants, or LED grow box that provide similar benefits as well as serve as a source of beautification. There are varied plants that thrive indoors and have health benefits as well. A few that are commonly kept indoors are –

•    Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is an easy to grow plant that doesn’t require much attention where a simple placement near sunlight can allow it to thrive well. It seldom requires water and is known to absorb formaldehyde and benzene from the air that may be emitted with chemical cleaners and paints. Apart from that, the gel inside an aloe stem is known to have healing properties where it heals cuts, burns and cools the body.

grow cabinets for sale•    Spider Plant – With its leaves crawling out of the pot, it gets such a name having relevance to spiders. This plant too can purify the air where it absorbs carbon monoxide and xylene that is found in products made of rubber and leather.

•    Gerber Daisy – this is a flowering plant with brightly colored flowers. The plant is known to remove trichloroethylene that is found in clothes that are dry-cleaned. Having a pot placed in the bedroom or the laundry room can help remove such harmful chemical from the air. Right watering and sunlight can let it live long.

•    Snake plant – With long and erect leaves, this plant can survive in any environment whether it is hot, cold, humid or any other circumstances. It is known to filter formaldehyde that may be present in garages, personal care products, tissues, etc.  It too doesn’t require much attention and would survive long without water.

•    English Ivy – Experts usually advise people to keep this plant in toilets and washrooms as it is known to kills airborne fecal matter particles. It is also known to remove the presence of formaldehyde present in household cleaning products especially the ones that are used to clean washrooms.

These plants can either be planted in potted plants or in grow boxes that can be placed in designated areas in a house. People can look out for grow cabinets for sale or can purchase pots to place the plants. The necessary use of soil or water can aid in the proper growth of the plant that can thrive in the environment found indoors.


There are times when one has interests in growing plants and having greenery around them but cannot due to lack of space. Due to the ever increasing rate of population, there has become a dearth of spce to grow plants and thus to come to the people’s rescue, there has been an introduction of Hydroponic grow boxes. They are also referred to as Stealth Grow Cabinet which is n enclosed box that is fit with necessary arrangements that aid to a plant’s growth.

Reasons to own a hydroponic grow box

A hydroponic grow box doesn’t require the use of soil in order to grow a plant and instead requires water to let the plants grow. The box is equipped with pockets where one can place seeds or saplings and mix the necessary nutrients and minerals in the water tray below in order to stimulate the growth of a plant. It is a great choice of attraction if kept in a house where it adds to the beauty of the room as well as aids the growth of a new life in the form of a plant. There are several commercial organizations that cultivate short plants and herbs with the help of a hydroponic grow box. This gives way to a good amount of production as it is constantly monitored and allowed to grab the necessary nutrients from the water contained in the box. The hydroponic grow box also contains an exhaust fan that allows right circulation of air and doesn’t keep the air stagnant. Free flow and exchange of air keeps the plant healthy as well as the surroundings.

When searched online, one would get a list of company websites that manufactures hydroponic grow boxes and cater to people across the globe. People, especially those living in metropolitan cities feel the need of these hydroponic grow boxes and thus can acquire one such grow boxes that can be used by them. One can look out for Cheap Grow Boxes that come in combinations of two or more. These combination packages contain more number of grow boxes and are reasonable when compared to purchasing a single box.

Having indoor plants growing in a hydroponic grow box can be of great help to those living in the house as it produces oxygen in abundance and takes in carbon dioxide exhaled by humans. It keeps a person calm and composed as it aids to a calmer mind and also soothes the eyes along with letting people have a sound sleep. There arises no question of pests and insects affecting it as there is no presence of soil and thus letting people own a plant in their house without any trouble.

How to Add Ventilation to the Grow Room?

These days, people are prone to choose the grow boxes than other options of farming. The grow boxes are mainly used for different types of reasons like the desire to grow vegetables indoor or grow herbs, vegetables or flowers during the cold water months or lack of the outdoor space. Besides, these are also helpful in protecting the plants against diseases or pests. The grow boxes can be of different types, but the hydroponic or the soil based ones are the most popular ones.

The most sophisticated examples of the grow boxes are the totally enclosed ones with exhaust and an intake fan system for proper ventilation, a hydroponic system, which waters the plants with the nutrient rich solutions, an odor control filter and an inbuilt grow light. A few advanced grow boxes even come with the air conditioning to keep the CO2 as well as the running temperature down to boost the growth rate of the plants.

But while using the LED grow box for planting, it is necessary to observe a few things, which are pretty simple but often overlooked. One of those important things is the ventilation of the grow box.

LED grow box It is not possible to ventilate the cabinet just through the exhaust vent and only by forcing in the air. As the main object of maintaining a grow box is to remove as much warm air as you can by replacing the air with cool air, the most effective way out will be to place the exhaust closer to the top of the place and the intake closer to the bottom of the place.

The fan needs to be placed in the exhaust and the intake must be a simple hole or a light trap in case the light getting out is a concern. This kind of system is known as the Active Exhaust, Passive Intake System. The idea of mounting a fan on the exhaust and sucking out the air of the room can accomplish a number of things.

grow cabinet

As the exhaust of the grow cabinet is at the top area, therefore the fan would suck out the hottest air of the area first while lowering the pressure of the air inside that area. But any leaky seams or accidental pinholes will just draw in the air.

On the other hand, the passive intake should be a little larger than the exhaust. The main thing is that the volume of air that would be blown out, would be replaced through the air intake. So, using a bigger intake hole would allow the incoming air to be at the lower velocity that would minimize mixing up on the air in the cabinet. Besides, this thing will also allow to operate the fan in a more effective manner.

Another important consideration is to make the ventilation system quieter. Some amount of the fan noise from the vibration can be prevailed over by mounting the fan in a non-rigid way. Besides, self-adhesive foam rubber window insulation technique can be used too.

The Indoor Plantation Is the Future. Embrace It with Innovative Grow Boxes

Unique Hydroponics

Growing plants and vegetables can be done in more ways than one contrary to popular beliefs. Unlike a few years ago, when the only way to grow plants was in its conventional way, in gardens, things have changed a lot. With such technical advancement, it’s become more and more convenient to grow them indoors. A few decades ago, planting indoors was deemed to be impractical and expensive but not now. With the advent of grow cabinets, people have embraced the idea that growing plants inside a house is a lot more viable and hassle-free.

So, what are these “boxes”?

These cabinets are nothing, but an artificial environment enclosed in a box. For plants and vegetables, a certain environment is essential for their sustenance. Depriving them of it will result in them dying and decaying. For those of you who do not access to a garden and who don’t have such space in growing outdoors, an indoor plantation is the thing for you.

Growing with hydroponics is less demanding than doing it in the field.

On the off chance that you have chosen to grow your own particular plants, and then you have a choice to make at this time. Would you like to develop your plants indoors with hydroponics, or would you like to develop your plants outside in nature? There are numerous points of interest and inconveniences to developing outside versus indoors, and it depends on your convenience.

Soil Grow Boxes

The grow box is a definitive productive approach to developing your own cultivation in your home. These boxes take the greater part of the mystery out of planting. The customary outdoor plantation includes a great deal of work as it is extremely difficult and physically challenging. With hydroponic frameworks, there is no working, furrowing or any other processes. There is no compelling reason to stress over tempests that will wash your plants away or great temperatures that will kill the plants. You don’t even need to stress over bugs. These boxes will give the superbly controlled environment that your plants require for their wellbeing and quick growth.

Contrary to some beliefs that some of you might have, hydroponics is not the creation of modern science as this process has been practiced throughout centuries. Originated hundreds of years ago, these boxes have grown in prominence a lot in recent years, and it’s become an industry in itself. Unique Hydroponics is one of the many organizations which expertise in providing top quality grow box for sale. Being amongst many doesn’t mean that the products are identical. On the contrary, our quality of products has always been second to none which is why we have been able to achieve such recognition.

Do not posses ample space for gardening? It’s not a problem! Now you can grow plants inside your house quite easily

Grow BoxStating the most obvious facts, plants are essential in maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment on planet earth. With the ever increasing amounts of pollution, plants are the only way to maintain an ecological balance. We all know that plants consume carbon dioxide and emit oxygen which is in return consumed by us. So the existence of greenery around is not only substantial for the nature but also to us people.

Staying in the midst of plants enables us to breathe in fresh air at all times but in these times of industrialization, maintaining such amounts of greenery is often a complicated task. Whatever vacant space is left of our neighborhood is fast becoming a construction site for residential or commercial purposes. In such a case, indoor plantation has really come across as a serious alternative for growing plants. People today have realized that growing plants indoors can be just as effective as plantation in gardens. For facilitating this phenomenon, several indoor plantation equipments have been surfacing the market for several years now. Out of all the options, grow box is the epitome of indoor plantation. At Unique Hydroponics, you will find the best of this equipment which will assist you in growing plants inside your house without any hassle. Since venturing into this business, Unique Hydroponics has produced several grow boxes and cabinets which have propelled us into becoming one of the topmost brands in the country. As diverse as a business this is, there is little room for any error and precisely for this reason; we maintain a strict product quality policy to deliver you the highest standards of products consistently.

Most people have the wrong idea that growing indoors doesn’t yield much as growing them in gardens but the actual reality is far distant from it. On the contrary, growing plants and vegetables in grow box yields as much as 3-5 times the result. Plants grow faster and healthier without you having to do much of the effort which would have been imperative in case of outdoor cultivation. The effectiveness of this method is not just the creation of the modern world but its practice stretches back to the times of ancient Greeks who used this to grow their plants and vegetables. Traditional plantation is always prone to the infestation of pests and termites which have the capability to degrade your plants heavily. But such a situation can be totally avoided if you are using one of our grow box or cabinets due to quite obvious factors. Pests breed on soil but these cabinets do not contain any of it which minimizes the chance of an infestation extensively. By creating an artificial environment with these boxes, you can grow any kind of plants you wish in the most convenient fashion. Also, we have never tried to inflate the prices of our products which has earned us the goodwill and trust of the common public.